The “LiKEN” of our Brand evokes lichen ( fletchen; liquen, الأشنة, likena, חזזית; kuvu, kusma qara,etc). We like lichens for what they are and for what they represent. Lichens shows us the value of the cooperation. In nature Lichen constitutes a living web of mutual support among fungus, algae, and bacteria, where each depends on each other. The combined lichen has properties different from those of its component organisms delivering advantages for all of them. Our aim as a Company is to build the same relationship with our clients and partners, working with and not for, with an interdisciplinary approach and a collaborative spirit, to, inspired in lichens, provide the best results

Lichens combine different “expertise” to create a successful structure

A Multidisciplinary team is required to address the complex environmental problems of global warming. Solutions to climate change problems requires complex syntheses of ideas from a vast set of disciplines, with teams with different expertise and a common objective




Lichens have World wide distribution

Since the reasons and impacts of climate change are global, our company is global, our team has a wide international experience, developing projects in more than 40 countries over the last 15 years




Lichens grow in extreme conditions

Our structure is flexible and adaptable, only in this way can we provide services to the smallest local organizations as well as to the largest international organizations


Lichens accumulate nutrients needed for plant growth

Lichens are pioneers, they start the work giving others the opportunity to grow and develop. We have a strong commitment with training and capacity building, individual and organizations to obtain, improve, and retain the skills and knowledge needed to face the challenges of climate change



Lichens grow slowly but long lived

Our project is a project focused on the long term, quality of our work is the brick for our growing. We are here, and we will be here for long time, working with our clients and partners




Lichens do their job silently

Contrary to lichen´s «opinion», we believe that fluent communication is essential for the success and we consider it the foundation of a strong and productive relationship