“Men argue. Nature acts.”

François-Marie Arouet (Voltaire)

National MRV and Inventories systems

NDC implementation

Adpatation Plans

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Our team has been working from more than 17 years with public sector organizations, governments and international development partners to provide climate services and specific solutions ,tailored to meet the challenges posed by the Global Warming.

We have a wide experience conducting a range of assignments in different areas across government mitigation and adaptation programmes and strategies.

Our proposal is based on three axes of action:

⇒ Design and implementation of national/sectoral policies and investment strategies for low-carbon and sustainable growth planning.

⇒ Contibution to unlock and implement climate-smart solutions to solve issues of food security, agriculture and deforestation.

⇒ Implementation of projects and programs for proactive climate and risk resilience strategies, to improve national and sectoral adaptive capacity