«We always prepare ourselves for the previous enemy, even when we face an altogether new menace.”

Yuval Noah Harari



We are a service provider in every major area of Environment and Climate Change. Our aim is to collaborate with our clients and partners in achieving their climate objectives and goals with efficiency and effectiveness, with transparency and integrity, covering their needs in consulting and verification.

We work helping organizations to build structures able to respond to the challenge of  “adaptation» and “mitigation» through a comprehensive perspective that tackles the causes  and  the effects of the Climate Change. The aim of our services is provide expertise and knowledge to enhance the mitigation (leading the path towards a low carbon economy) and to understand how natural and human systems can prepare for and respond actively to changes in climate or their environment, to identify and reducing the risks and vulnerabilities,and to transform the risk into opportunities.

We work with private and public institutions. Our team has a wide experience and strong competencies developing products and services related to carbon neutrality, green energy, capacity building, climate finance, strategy, financial analyses and project development.

For each project we apply specific and tailored solutions that are designed and implemented to face complex environments through the integration of knowledge and expertise proceeding from the technical, environmental and economic spheres.

Our team has a wide experience in the following fields:






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