What´s your plan for tomorrow
are you a leader or will you follow
are you a fighter or will cower
It´s our time to take back the power

The interrupters

If you are reading now, it is possible that you already have an approximate idea of what we do, but if we are going to work together, maybe you should know more about who we are, frankly and transparently, as simple as that

We are a small and young company (although the team members are not exactly small and young). We are a global company located in Madrid, close to a river apprentice called Manzanares, and placed in a beautiful industrial place built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Although our company is young, our history is not. Everything began in the same building but in a different company 17 years ago and in a very different world (no smartphones at that moment!!).

During the last 17 years, we have been developing, in an unbroken way and in different companies, works and projects to support our clients in the struggle against climate change, providing services to international clients and throughout the entire world.

One day, just some months ago, we were “invited to explore the unlimited horizons of new job options.” “You are too specialized”, they said, and it was when we decided to transform that apparent “overspecialization issue” into an opportunity to renew our initial goal, in the same building and the same challenges, but in a different world.

So the recipe is really easy, you just have to mix:

      3 parts of experience

      3 parts of enthusiasm

      2 parts of contacts who trust us and

      1 part of audacity

and then…you’ll have a cocktail called Liken Carbon Hub

as simple as this ….